LoFi Sample Packs.

LoFi Weekly provides free resources for creators. For instance these include royalty-free lofi sample packs, tips, and positive vibes. In other words, join now.

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“LoFi Weekly gives producers a reason to look forward to Sunday. Every week a new pack? As a result, unlimited potential for new inspiration!”

Simulation Beats YoutubeSimulation Beats, Instagram

“LoFi Weekly really gives quality content back to the culture. Undoubtedly if you’re into lofi you should be following LoFi Weeky!”

T3rm LoFi ProducerT3rm, Instagram

“I really love LoFi Weekly. In the end, they give me inspiration every Sunday delivering a number of free, dusty samples!”

Paziest Italy Hip Hop ProducerPaziest, Instagram

“Props to the LoFi Weekly team for keeping their weekly commitment and doing it for free. In fact, LoFi Weekly is a great sample source for beginners and more experience producers.”

LoFi Hip HopVincetrumentals, Instagram