LoFi Weekly Dad Hat

Get your hands on a limited edition, 100% cotton LoFi Creator dad hat inspired by the classic ASR-10 by Ensoniq.

Less than 25 remain!

LoFi Weekly Sample Pack #172

Dive into the dreamy realm of lofi hip hop with “Midnight Blast,” a single, uniquely crafted sample that delivers the quintessential late-night vibe. This pack offers the original melody and all underlying stem files from an ambient Fender Rhodes chord progression, allowing for extensive creative manipulation and reconstruction. The sample, ticking at a chill 68 BPM, is imbued with a classic lo-fi feel, owing to its processing through vintage hardware and emulators.

The included stems are sounds from Lounge Lizard by AAS and Arturia Collection V, carrying an unmistakable jazz-inspired charm. As 16-bit WAV files, these samples are compatible with all new samplers/DAWs and even vintage samplers. Immerse yourself in the dreamy journey that is “Midnight Blast,” and let your creativity take flight.

LoFi Weekly Sample Pack #171

Introducing our latest creation, a custom drum loop designed specifically for lofi music producers who crave that authentic boom bap hip hop sound. This meticulously crafted drum loop combines the best of both worlds – the timeless boom bap style and the gritty character of the SP-1200 sampler.

With its vintage-inspired vibe and expertly processed elements, this drum loop injects a distinct touch of nostalgia and grit into your productions. Each hit resonates with punch and warmth, delivering that signature boom bap feel that is beloved by hip hop enthusiasts.

The SP-1200 processing adds an extra layer of character, lending a unique texture and lofi charm to the drum loop. The result is a rich and captivating sound that effortlessly transports listeners back to the golden era of hip hop.

Whether you’re working on a lofi hip hop track or looking to infuse some old-school flavor into your beats, this custom drum loop is a must-have in your toolkit. Elevate your productions and bring an authentic boom bap vibe to your music with our free offering. Download now and start creating tracks that pay homage to the roots of hip hop.

LoFi Weekly Sample Pack #170

Looking to create a laid-back and chilled-out atmosphere in your Lofi Hip Hop productions? Our free Fender Rhodes Sample Loop pack is just what you need! With its smooth and jazzy tones, this pack captures the perfect relaxed vibe that your listeners will love. We’ve also included other instruments such as strings, classic pianos, synthesizers, guitars, live bass, and organs to complement and enhance the overall sound of the pack. These instruments have been expertly chosen to create a cohesive and versatile pack that you can use to create music that truly speaks to your creative vision.

But that’s not all – we take things to the next level by processing our Fender Rhodes loop through vintage gear such as the E-mu SP-1200 and the Akai S950, giving it that authentic Lofi Hip Hop sound. The result is a loop that’s full of character and warmth, with all the imperfections and grit that give it that unique character. So why wait? Download our free Fender Rhodes Sample Loop pack today and start making music with that authentic vintage Lofi Hip Hop sound that you love, processed through classic gear that brings out its true character.