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Coffee & Drums Vol 1


Tired of always finding the same old, recycled, drum samples everywhere you look? Rest away, in Coffee & Drums Volume 1 we built our samples from scratch using atypical sound sources. Coffee & Drums Volume 1 is a high-quality LoFi Hip-Hop sample pack filled with drums specifically for Lo-Fi Hip Hop.

The team at LoFi Weekly captured these sounds based on household items, power tools, hardware equipment, mother nature, and other random objects. We then loaded them into our DAW, chopped them up, volume matched, processed, and curated each of these samples individually to give you a completely unique texture you won’t find anywhere else.

As a little surprise, we broke out the classic SP-404 OG and put together a few drum breaks based on the sounds in this pack. We processed these drum breaks using the different fx on the SP-404, including its highly sought after “Vinyl Sim.”

In this pack you will receive:

  • 77MB of Custom Made Lo-Fi Drum & Texture Samples
  • 17 Snares
  • 6 Kicks
  • 7 Hi-Hats & Percussion
  • 10 Custom Melodies (live instruments played by us!)
  • 5 Drum Breaks
  • 1 Bonus Titled “Bedroom Sounds” which explores random textures and sounds that you are free to manipulate
  • 16/24 bitrates, providing flexibility for use with vintage samplers (you’re welcome all my old MPC heads!)

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