Coffee & Drums Vol. I & II Bundle


The Coffee & Drums sample series are high-quality sample packs filled with live drum breaks and one shot samples for hip hop production....

This bundle pack includes our classic Coffee & Drums Volume I with the recent addition of Coffee & Drums Volume II!

Tired of always finding the same old, recycled, drum samples everywhere you look? Rest away, in Coffee & Drums Volume I we built our samples from scratch using atypical sound sources. Coffee & Drums Volume 1 is a high-quality LoFi Hip-Hop sample pack filled with drums specifically for Lo-Fi Hip Hop.

Buckle up, we brought in a drummer to play some live drum breaks exclusively for LoFi Weekly. Yes, you heard that right! We hired a real (human) drummer to throw down some custom drum breaks for the community. Coffee & Drums Volume II is a high-quality sample pack filled with live drum breaks and one shot samples specifically for hip hop production.

In Coffee & Drums Vol. I you will receive:

  • 77MB of Custom Made Lo-Fi Drum & Texture Samples
  • 17 Snares
  • 6 Kicks
  • 7 Hi-Hats & Percussion
  • 10 Custom Melodies (live instruments played by us!)
  • 5 Drum Breaks
  • 1 Bonus Titled “Bedroom Sounds” which explores random textures and sounds that you are free to manipulate
  • 16/24 bitrates, providing flexibility for use with vintage samplers (you’re welcome all my old MPC heads!)

In Coffee & Drums Vol. II you will receive:

  • 330MB of live drum loops & one shot samples played exclusively for LoFi Weekly
  • 3,000+ one shot samples chopped from the processed live drum breaks (Yes, really 3,353 to be exact!
  • 35+ combined live drum breaks processed through:
    • S2400
    • SP-404OG Vinyl Sim
    • SSL 4k Console Emulation
    • Neve Console Emulation
    • LoFi Weekly’s Signature LoFi Processing Chain