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Coffee & Melodies Vol 1


Looking for that classic, washed away Lo-Fi sound? Coffee & Melodies Volume 1 is a high-quality LoFi Hip-Hop sample pack filled with melodic Lo-Fi samples and chord progressions. Not only does this sample pack include the individual file stems for each of the 4 main melodies, but takes it a step further with authentic Lo-Fi variations.

The team at LoFi Weekly processed each of the 4 melody progressions through the modern classic, S2400 sampler, to provide you 4 variations for each individual melody progression. We sampled each loop at 45rpm, as was common in the classic hip-hop era. We then pitched these loops down to get that highly sought after aliasing crunch you see in most old-school boom bap.

These Lo-Fi melodies will instantly provide you with authentic inspiration, driving your lofi sound to the next level.

In this pack you will receive:

  • 130MB of Lo-Fi Samples
  • 4 Sample Variations for each Melodic Sample (16 Loops in total)
    • 1 Original
    • 1 Variation with its speed increased to 45rpm
    • 2 Variations from the S2400 (pitched down from 45rpm)
  • BPM for the Melody
  • Key for the Melody
  • Individual Stem files

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