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Free Retro Color RC-20 Custom LoFi Presets


Here we have 3 free Retro Color RC-20 custom lofi presets for XLN Audio’s RC-20 Retro Color . The presets included are LoFi Light, Tunnel Vision, and Feeling Lost from our article, “5 RC-20 Sound Design Tips for LoFi Producers (with Free Presets)

  • LoFi Light
    • We created the Light LoFi preset to make any sound feel as if you sampled it off vinyl into an older sampler. You can at once pick up the vinyl sound with light aliasing as the chords progress. You can continue to shape this sound with EQ to boost or reduce the added texture.
  • Tunnel Vision
    • The Tunnel Vision preset by LoFi Weekly was to make audio sound more surround with an older radio vibe. You can hear the added “Flux” in the “Space” module, which gives this a more open sound.
  • Feeling Lost
    • Feeling Lost provides a very worn, spacey effect. This uses the “8-Bit” choice in the “Noise” module with lots of “Flutter” in the “Magnetic” module. By cranking the “Space” dial module, we add in much more reverb while increasing the “Width” knob in the bottom section of the plugin. We apply a hard cut around 40hz with a softer cut around 11khz.

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