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Jazzy Piano Chords for LoFi Hip Hop Cheat Sheet


Are you a producer looking to create your own Lo-Fi Hip Hop Jazz samples? LoFi Hip Hop Jazz continues to become more and more popular across the globe with its soothing soft beats and calming soundscapes.

Produce your own LoFi Hip Hop Jazz music samples with the help of this 2-page cheat sheet that has 6 jazzy piano chords you can easily apply on your compositions. These piano chords apply to any root note and can offer you infinite variations and thereby assist you in your improvisation. 

The sheets will give you more creative possibilities as you go along with your production.

Jazz and soul are two of the most sought after music samples and there are so many good reasons why. These genres make people feel more relaxed and most of us listen to them to focus on our work and studies, improve our mood, or simply to tone down after a long day.

Use these jazzy piano chord cheat sheets as your guide and start creating your own authentic-sounding and professional quality Lo-Fi Hip Hop Jazz piano samples. Get them today!

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