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LoFi Mixing Templates for 5 DAWs


Picture this: you’ve spent weeks, maybe even months antagonizing over the perfect instruments to record your track with. You’ve played with the EQ, compression and effects endlessly until you were able to finally find the right sound for the genre you’re playing in. Next comes the mixing and mastering, which has taken you double time due to all the extra adjustments you’ve made in the previous stages of the song’s composition! Fear not, because all this extra work in the future can be avoided by using a mixing template, which is a guiding outline preloaded into a DAW, already including the tracks, buses and instruments you will need in order to begin recording.

We introduce to you, Lofi Weekly’s very own mixing templates. These are free to use for any musician and were created in 5 different DAWS to ensure we enable as many producers / artists to use it as possible! These templates are compatible with FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, and Studio One!

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